Technological Education

At M.F. McHugh, a fully comprehensive tech program is available to students at many of our units. Three fully-qualified technological studies teachers are available to offer distinct programs in a variety of settings, on, and off-site. Students are guided through the development of real, hands-on skills, in order to gain a base for the pursuit of post-secondary studies, or, to simply increase their life-skills for future endeavours.

Our itinerant tech teachers are able to deliver their programs – in some cases in collaboration with the community – to students in the elementary units at: Fisher Park, and The Steps to Success program, and in the secondary units at: Back on Track, CAS, Dave Smith – both Carleton Place and Carp, Roberts Smart, Sherwood, and The Youville Centre.

They provide a variety of programs, including, but not limited to 3-D Printing, Automotive studies, Coding, Construction, Culinary Arts, Design, Electrical Studies, Gardening, Masonry, Photography, Videography, Welding, and Woodworking.

Recent student projects have included:

  • the design and construction of a fully functional skating rink
  • the construction of a new basketball court
  • drywall repair and framing
  • the construction of Japanese Toolboxes
  • the harvesting of vegetables
  • a variety of culinary delicacies
  • the construction of sanding blocks
  • the complete wiring of electrical circuits
  • the construction of pine car racetracks
  • the design and construction of woodgrain cutting boards and other kitchen utensils
  • a variety of Photoshop projects
  • the Voices of McHugh photography project posters
  • chick and duck hatching




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