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The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre Adolescent Treatment program is located inside an Ottawa-Carleton District community high school (Brookfield – HS), with two classrooms, a kitchen and dining room, and three counselling offices. It offers up to 24 adolescents with serious psychiatric or mental health concerns between the ages 14-18, academic and psychiatric services from a multidisciplinary/multi-agency team.  

The M.F. McHugh Education Centre provides the adolescents in the program a learning environment that incorporates appropriate pedagogical practices for each students’ specialized educational needs. This includes effective and safe accommodations, and team-based academic planning in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum standards.

Students in our program are working towards meeting the Course expectations outlined in the Ontario Curriculum. All students have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) created by the classroom teacher in collaboration with the youth’s parent/guardian. In order to focus on Social Emotional Learning, all students in our program have Alternative pages in their IEP which focus on Learning Skills.

The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre offers adolescents in the program access to a broad range of specialized treatment professionals that includes two Child and Youth Counsellors, a Psychiatrist, a Psychological Associate, and a Social Worker. The delivery of this intensive and specialized mental health support provides adolescents and their parents accurate psychiatric assessment with corresponding treatment.

Adolescents admitted into the program stay between one and three semesters, and the length of stay is determined by the needs of the adolescent, and their participation in the treatment being offered. Full transitions are planned before the adolescent leaves the program, and an M.F. McHugh Transition Teacher provides support for up to three months afterwards.  

Admission into the program is by referral from the adolescent’s community school. The admission into the program is decided by the Coordinated Access Committee through Coordinated Access.


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